Paul ChangSung Moon & EunKyoung Kong are the base leaders. We are from Southkorea and we have three children JuYoung, SoMi and JiHye. Paul ChangSung did BEDTS In Korea 1990 and worked a staff and a leader for 8 years and did DTS at YWAM Restenäs in Sweden 2001. EunKyoung did DTS in Korea 1983 and worked the university campus minstry for many years. During Paul´s DTS outreach, He had a special heart for Malmö. In 2003 we moved to Dalarna and learned Swedish. We led EDTC for the first time there. Now we are living in Malmö for almost Seven years now. We are developing YWAM Malmö base. In Malmö there is God’s calling for disciplining all nations. Unity of the body of Christ is the key for that. We have a dream that 176 nations in Malmö will come to follow Jesus through our commitment. EDTC and the commitment of life is our tool for fulfilling God’s plan for Malmö

The Moon family