Current activities

Churches [evangelism, Children & youths program,
Bible teachings]…, on the base [prayer meetings,
EDTC, Fellowships], Outreach teams.

Children (& Youth) Program

Children are special to God….. Our aim, is to
disciple these children, so as they grow in the
fear of the Lord. We do that through activities
such as: Dancing, singing, dancing and drama,
Sports, bible stories, teachings. We minister to
children from both Rosengård community and                                                                 the surrounding areas and in churches.


Prayer ministry

Every in the morning 10:00 – 12:00 is set aside for intercession
prayer for the nations. it’s such a joy that we
can participate in seeing revival and healing in
the nations.
We have a “prayer light house” located in
Rosengård, open everyday for people to
as staffs and the different outreach youth teams
come in. We do have fellowships, prayer &
worship meetings that are open to everyone
from within and outside the community, that get
to also be apart of.
We are glad that God has been doing amazing
things since we moved in this place and we pray
that there will be much more impact in the
community and that many others will see and
experience the joy that only God gives through
the meetings.



This September we start our fourth EDTC training.

The aim of this EDTC is to train and encourage
the students to use the skills and share what they
have learned to the people in their work places,
government, family, education, arts, mass
media, economy and churches.


At the moment we serve with “Street Church” every other Friday evening.
We go out in the community for evangelism. We serve free coffee and tea.
Give out free bibles and other good literature related to the bible and we
pray for people.